A Look At Rare Forms Of Recyclable Scrap Metal And Where It Can Be Found

Recycling scrap metal is a hugely kind way to help the environment, but if you live near a scrap metal recycling center that pays for the materials you bring in, this can also put a little extra cash in your pocket. The best way to up your chances of seeing a hefty payday for scrap metals is to find metal pieces that are a little less common than others. For example, regular steel and iron don't always fetch higher prices at a recycling center that pays because these metal pieces are a little more common than others. Here are a few of the more valuable types of scrap metal and where you can find pieces. 

Copper - Copper is not necessarily rare, but it is a bit harder to find than other metals. The price per pound for copper changes according to the market, but you can usually expect to get somewhere around $3 per pound, which can grant you a nice chunk of change if you find very much. Copper can be found:

  • in old electronics, such as television sets and computer monitors
  • inside electrical wiring 
  • as metal roof sheets 
  • as metal pots, pans, and other household items

Tin - People often think of tin as a basic metal that has little value, but tin can actually fetch you good money at a scrap metal recycling center. Believe it or not, tin metal is not as easy to find as you may think. It is often assumed that all cans that hold canned goods are made of tin, but these cans are usually made from steel and even aluminum, some with a minuscule coating of tin for protection. A few places to find tin include:

  • old cans, such as old soda or soup cans
  • tin metal for roofing 
  • baking pans, such as muffin pans and cookie sheets

Nickel - Nickel is much harder to find than many other common metals like aluminum and steel, but it is well worth looking for when you need a payday. Nickel tends to run around $3 to $4 a pound, and because it is so heavy, it does not take much to make a pound. You can find nickel in:

  • certain electronics
  • lead wiring
  • batteries and electrodes

With a little digging and a little knowledge, you can easily harvest enough scrap metal around your home or business to make extra cash. Check with a scrap metal recycling center near you, like American Northwest Recycling, for more information.